Identity Design

The identity design process begins with a client interview and market research. Each piece of the identity system is then carefully crafted to connect with your audience and bring your project or brand to life.

Website Design

Ara Studios’ sites are designed to be consistent with your brand’s look and feel, while the WordPress platform gives clients the means to make easy updates. I provide optional domain name registration, hosting setup, e-commerce store integration, and website maintenance packages at a reasonable price.

Digital Marketing Design

Ara Studios’ digital marketing services include e-mail management setup and email design, social media page design, and banner ad design. All of these are made consistent with your brand’s visual identity.

Publication Design

I provide cover, and complete interior design for books and art catalogs as well as business, museum and academic publications – for both print and digital distribution.

Multilingual Design

I speak fluently multiple languages and have lived in Italy and Romania. Not only have I designed in several languages, but I’ve produced multilingual museum guides, catalogs, and posters for clients in both Europe and the US.